Marine Liquid Terminal (MLT) at Ennore Port

  • India’s first independent Bulk Liquid Terminal Project to be developed on BOT basis at a Major Port
  • Promoted by IMC, India’s largest independent bulk liquid storage company
  • Berthing Facility for petroleum,LPG, chemical, gas and vegetable oil tankers
  • Multiple Pipelines for transfer of cargo between vessel and shore tanks
  • Storage Tanks inside the port premises – 252,990 KL storage capacity for petroleum, chemicals and safe class cargo
  • Jetty and Storage Tank Terminal fully operational

Advantages of MLT:

  • Offers state-of-the-art facilities with minimal or nil waiting time for vessels.
  • Berthing of large product tanker and very large Gas carrier (LPG)
  • Simultaneous berthing of two vessels
  • Multiple pipelines for simultaneous discharge of cargoes
  • Large pipelines for faster vessel evacuation and loading
  • Scope for adding pipelines
  • Special facilities such as inert gas blanketing, heating, refrigeration, coated tanks, stainless steel tanks shall be provided on specific request
  • Availability of Slop Tanks

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